The mission of Homeboy goes to Harvard Productions is to raise awareness about issues such as gangs, drug addiction, self-esteem, and all the risks experienced by youth in their school and home communities.  As speakers who are dedicating themselves to educating the public, Homeboy Goes to Harvard Productions believes that school culture plays a critical role in how these problems are created AND prevented. The core of each presenter’s message is about making healthy choices in order to develop and foster healthier communication among families, students, faculty, and staff


Student Presentations



For Activity Directors and Student Leaders
interested in having a school wide
assembly, keynote address for students or a
student leadership workshop at a
conference, enter here to see the various
presentations available.
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Staff Development

staff development


Staff development presentation for
educators that include welcome back
convocations, professional development
workshops or seminars, convention keynote
address or district /school wide motivational
presentations. If you are a director for staff
development, a superintendent, or a
conference organizer, enter here to find
more information on what is available.
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Parent & Community Programs

parents and community programs


Community presentations designed to help
Parent Teacher Association, Community
Organizers, University/ College
presentations, and Law enforcement. Please
enter here to find out more of the types of
services available.
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 Our Team

richard santana
Richard Santana Ed.M
• Resilience
• Gangs
•Drug Awareness
•Violence Prevention

Daniel Mora
•Gang prevention and intervention,
•Education and Career Prep
•Diversity appreciation,
•Peer pressure,
•Drug and Alcohol prevention,
•Developing a positive support system of peers and adult role models.
David Franklin
•Self-Injury (“Cutting”)

Aurora Lopez

Guillermo “Willie” Lopez
•Gang Prevention
•Conflict Resolution
•Drug & Alcohol Issues
•Parent/Child •Communications
Cristina Mariscal
•Self Esteem
•Teens Pregnancy